Hey, I wasn’t kicked out, or anything!

Hi All:

Just got an e-mail that makes it clear I haven’t communicated my situation well. I’m in the bus again because I want to be. Pann and Lee were/are wonderful and were perfectly happy to have me around as long as I needed to be (well, *that* statement is probably presumptuous–suffice it to say they hadn’t been hinting that I needed to pack up or start paying rent yet), and there was no friction at all (again, at least so far as I could tell). But Long Island is surprisingly far from NYC, especially when you know Queens and Brooklyn, burroughs of the city, are both on it.

I was needing to catch the LIRR on a specific schedule and then be in NYC over an hour later and then had to catch the LIRR back. The LIRR fares are not the cheapest, while the subway has a good price and an everywhere, every few minutes, all day and night (although the definition of “few” changes a bit) philosophy/practice, applied to both trains and buses.

I wasn’t using the City much (that’s what they call it on Long Island, clearly not realizing that the term refers to San Francisco–these people!), and after coming all these miles, that didn’t seem to be making much sense. Still haven’t made too much use of “the City,” but the book is looking good and I’ve placed my first order with the printer. Pricing and hardball pitch to try to get you to buy one, or to take one of the comb-bound for free with a promise to consider giving a friend a copy of the paperback if you decide it worthy (see “A new marketing model” under “Books” at the website, www.to-mars.org) next time.

Gotta run.


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  1. Pann McCuaig says:

    This is a test of the comment feature. I’m not l-worded in. What will happen to it?

  2. George says:

    Well, I get to edit it and pass it on exactly as if you’d written it the way I let it through. No wonder people like this blogging stuff.

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