What If We Were To Elect Trump President

Well, I’ve looked at Davis, Woodland, and Sacramento a bit now in terms of assisted living places. Best bet seems to still be Davis, although I guess I’m really holding out for here. Getting old is not what I expected, and I never thought it would be an ideal set up. It looks like the summer will be reasonable for expecting the move, although it’s never real clear because the date of mortality of the current resident is the usually determining factor in the availability of the room.

How  weird it is to have to contemplate the end of your own life. I know I wasn’t really talking about my own mortality, but I was, in a sense. I will likely live in this place ’til I die. What a concept.

Let’s change the subject.

I recently found myself seriously considering whether I might vote for the Donald for President. How would he respond to North Korea’s recent ballistic missile test? I think his reputation as a nut-case might be reinforced by his reaction if he were President. And it might not be such a bad thing. Maybe he would actually get by with dropping a nuke on Pyongyang. The leaders of Russia and China might just think him crazy enough to stand back. But they might not. They might think the slaughter of the many innocents in Pyongyang was the first step in America being taken over by a new Hitler. They might think the best time to deal with him is sooner rather than later.

If the former, though, maybe bombing Pyongyamg would be for the best. Do we just sit back and let the nutcase in charge out there become a real threat to our cities? Kim Jung Ill, or whatever his name is, seems to be as crazy as the Donald.

Hillary certainly seems a bit lackluster in comparison. And are Americans going to chose a Sanders over his disability of being a Democratic Socialist.

How did everything get so weird?

My real fear is for the survival of democracy if the Donald gets elected. He doesn’t strike me as someone who will ever step aside for a successor, and the President of the United States has the power to create international crises sufficiently large to justify declaring some sort of emergency. He might just bomb Pyongyang, for instance.

But then, perhaps democracy doesn’t have as much going for itself as we’ve come to believe. Since Obama was elected a minority can stop, and has stopped, debate in the Senate of almost any legislation they want. This is very different from the old concept of a filibuster, in which a minority could stop there being a vote, or more accurately, delay there being a vote for a long time, after there being debate. The end result has been a tyranny of the minority in which they have just taken the ball and gone home. In other words, nothing has been done governmentally for the past seven years. Well, almost nothing. What was passed pretty much was gutted before being discussed, so nobody likes the result very much, despite the fact that  some in the minority truly hate what has slipped through.

Perhaps this is how things got so weird.

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