A Personal Note

For any of you who might be following me on account of personal connections I wanted to let you know that I am moving.  My phone number will cease to be of use on or about Nov 15.  Thereafter the number to try to reach me on is 530.307.8364

Call me, please, if you can help and I haven’t reached you yet.  I’m moving my stuff into storage and don’t know right now where I’ll be settling or when.  Going on a “rideabout,” taking my van and bicycle on the rod for awhile.  If you have a place to visit, feel free to invite me, as I am prettymuch a rolling stone at themoment.    I will probably hit most oooof California and maybe as fafrnorth as Portland.  No plans at moment to go back East account of weather, but who knows how long tis will last or where it will take me.


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