A Personal Note

Sorry about letting last week’s Monday and Tuesday go without blogs, but  I was on the road as a result on my brother’s daughter dying suddenly and unexpectedly a week ago last Saturday.

She was 54 and apparently in good health until the day before her passing.  We all loved her and suffered a great shock.  I’ve been on the road since and took the opportunity to see all my siblings.  It seemed overdue.
Life is so fragile, and it very often passes without warning like this.   Bud, my brother, was told by a friend in what was surely hoped to be of solace, that nothing is so certain as death, but also nothing so uncertain as to when it’s to come.
On the other hand, one might be expecting it, as with my mother-in-law, who passed while I was in Oregon on this trip, or my grand nephew who diied of cancer earlier this year.
Blessings to all, and may death be far from your door.  But, just in case it’s not, may you all make amends with those you love before it is.

At least, see them as often as you can put up with them.

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  1. Fred Drake says:

    Amen Brother

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