A proposal for putting photovoltiac panels on most rooftops in America by Hank Raymond

If all rooftops in America were outfitted with photovoltiac solar panels, energy consumption by buildings could be reduced dramatically or even eliminated. Buildings could even become net electrical energy producers instead of consumers. A photovoltiac (PV) system takes a long time to pay for in terms of energy savings, but it will pay for itself in the long run. The reason people are not installing these solar energy systems on their roofs right now are because of the initial cost of installing these systems. People would install these systems if a means could be found to finance them.

This proposal is for the government to set up an account with a large amount of money for loans to building owners (including home owners) to install these systems. Building owners could then use this money to install PV systems on their roofs and then pay back the loans with the money they would save on their utility bills. The loans would be attached to the property and not the individual as some sort of utility surcharge. This way the loan would stay with the property in case the building were sold. As loans are paid off, the funds go back into the account where they can be loaned out again to more people who want to install more PV systems. The net cost to the government of implementing this proposal would be zero or perhaps even a net profit.

The advantages of implementing this proposal are:

1) Stimulates and creates jobs in the American Photovoltiac industry.
2) Creates jobs in the building trades.
3) Encourages innovation in designs of PV systems.
4) Reduces our dependency on foreign oil which improves national security.
5) Improves the Unites States international balance of payments so that we stop sending all our money overseas to people who don’t like us. This helps provide better national security.
6) Reduces CO2 emissions which helps stop global climate change.
7) Creates buildings that are net producers of clean energy rather than consumers.

Implementing a proposal like this would provide all the advantages listed above and would cost the US government absolutely nothing. It’s time for buildings to start generating their own electricity

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2 Responses to A proposal for putting photovoltiac panels on most rooftops in America by Hank Raymond

  1. radzy says:

    Similar advantages could be achieved by simply providing legislation that required photovoltaics on all new construction (both new buildings and additions). For example, a 1watt per square foot of addition or new building would provide a lot of energy in the long term, without any government expenditure at all. And therefore, it wouldn’t increase the national debt, which is already too huge.

    Of course, there would need to be exceptions for locations where PV isn’t suitable.

  2. Ed Morroiw says:

    PV technology is really not up to the task at this point. Life span approximately equals payoff with constant decline in efficiency. Still a great concept for stand alone homes off the grid with non-110v loads.

    that being said, there are significant strides being made, even shingles that contain PV cells.

    However, solar panels have great efficiency for water heating ans space heating augmentaion. Both these are major concumers of power elec or gas so the energy from non renewable sources is significant.

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