A Slight Diversion From Terraforming: Racism (cont.)

This is the week of the fiftieth anniversary of the Selma beating by police at the Selma–Montgomery march. Few events so solidified white American’s in the north in realizing how unjust the treatment then imposed upon their black colleagues by the dominant white culture in the south was.

The deaths of the four children in the church bombing in Birmingham some two years earlier had been easily dismissed by some as the work of a few KKK extremists. This was the work of the government. There was no escaping it: they all wore uniforms. Unfortunately, time has only shown that the hearts of American whites still need clarity.

Even electing a black president has not refuted racism. It is very much still alive, well, and largely in control in the United States. The dedication to the primary goal of seeing to it that Obama fails, as touted by the conservative mouthpiece, Rush Limbaugh, even at the risk of seeing to it that America also fails, has adequately demonstrated it, even if you wish it otherwise.

Like the  days of Selma, the white culture has plenty of evidence that the problems of today are caused by a minority, most appropriately identified with the right wing of the Republican  party–not the truly criminal black element, which is also a problem–but, also like then, the problem is far larger than any small group. Obama’s election was more evidence of the conscious white sensibilities than of the white’s deeper, subconscious, sensibilities. Better indicators of that are; the fact that Zimmerman never was charged with violating the “stand your ground” protections supposedly given Martin, along with all citizens; the fact that Wilson never encounter the normal method of deciding if he should face trial in the shooting of Brown; the fact a grand jury came to the same type of exoneration in NYC in the Eric Garner case, allowing Pantaleo to avoid any trial; the federal report on police and municipal court bias in the Ferguson, Missouri; and innumerable other examples throughout America.

Whites do not need to know the specifics of any case to know the system is biased against minorities–or those without money, which is as much a sin as is being of color. If we were smart, most of us would say that neither is right, and do something about both. It is just as egregious whether you are in the group disadvantaged by the unfairness or not.

Do something about it!

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3 Responses to A Slight Diversion From Terraforming: Racism (cont.)

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    Well said George! Thank you!

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    Not sure what I can do about it George.

    • George says:

      post this blogpost to your facebook, write your congressman, talk to your friends, seize the day, talk to a race insensitive person, let go of the idea you can’t do anything.

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