An Unpleasant Future

Are You Tired Of Trump Yet?

At the very least, we will hear much more of him.The first true demagogue to rule the country has three and one half more years to do so until the first chance to get rid of him through the electoral process. Assuming we ever have even that chance. But who is counting? If it is not clear to you that Trump is just plain crazy, then you might as well stop reading right now.

The man is far worse than a wild card. He is a wild card with a lot of power.

His power is not unlimited, though. The powers of the congress and the judiciary are not to be underestimated. A free press is also beyond minimization.

That Trump has chosen to fight the press upfront is a testament to his intellect. He, too, is not to be underestimated. He may be crazy, but never think he is stupid. Quite the contrary, he has shone himself very well in charge of politics and the manipulation of power. Trump’s taking on of the press is part of a strategy, it is not an example of his craziness. This is said with full agreement in the wisdom of the old advice not to pick fights with someone who buys ink by the barrel.The risks are great, but so are the potential benefits.

And Trump is aware of the potential benefits. He has almost succeeded in disabusing the public of any belief it once had in the veracity of the general press. He has done this largely by lying openly and then denying he has lied, blaming all reports to the contrary on “fake news.” The genius in this strategy is the realization that the public will believe what they want to until they stop paying any attention at all. They have, now, almost completely, stopped paying any attention. What they believe has always been what it has always has been. There has been almost no decline in Trump’s support. The strategy works. And it is undetectable.

The bottom line is that government no longer works. What comes next is unclear. Trump may prove to be the best thing that America has ever seen. That only seems possible to this author if America becomes the center of all organized governments on the planet and Trump reverses his current position on climate change. The latter is probably likely, as climate change can only be denied so long, and drastic changes will have to happen. The former will probably only happen if America starts a world war and wins it. But who is more likely to start a world war than Trump?

The ancient curse, “may you live in interesting times” seems to apply. Thank God I’m old now.

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