Bad News

Okay, so on Friday I got some really bad news.  I’d been going on the assumption that I’d be allowed to accompany the climate Riders this year as a ride-along participant, even though a recent turn for the worst with my M.S. made riding an impossible goal.  On Friday I learned that would not be allowed, since I hadn’t raised the minimum ($2400) needed to cover my entry to the event as a rider.

I had hoped to do some serious networking, even if I was not able to ride.  I had been looking forward to actually riding along with the others very much until my exacerbation in the heat wave at the start of August brought medical advice to say out of it.  Then I’d settled for doing the ride along as a good means of meeting a lot of like-minded people.

I haven’t really saddled this mount, yet, so I’m still not entirely clear where I go from here.  I suppose if anyone out there felt like throwing $1400 in support of me, that would solve my problem immediately, for I can see other ways of getting the other $900 I need to reach the goal pretty easily.  Go to and make that one big donaton.  Thanks!

I am applying to give one of the TEDx talks this November in South Lake Tahoe, so I’m hoping that will follow the course of my plans better.  You could help that effort by going to and nominating me.  There’s already a formal proposal in, but everyone who mentions my name will help get me selected.  Thanks.

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