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Hello All:

September 3 and I’m back in the bus (i.e. my van) again, parked near the 179th st. station on the F line. That means, barring any kind of hassles, I should be on the subway fairly early tomorrow and exploring campuses in N.Y.C. I already know that many are essentially forteses and I’ll need appointments with someone (probably will shoot for faculty advisors to environmental clubs, meditation groups, etc.) Tomorrow (Labor Day) I hope to suss out which are harder to penetrate than which others.

I’m largely biding my time, however, while I wait for the printer to get my books ready. I’ve settled on a cover with a wonderfully evocative photo by Jim McKinniss, done the text/photo workup (go to under Books to see it) took Chelsea Hubbard’s first draft of a logo and put it on, and am going to see the mockup on Tuesday. You’re probably very aware that tomorrow is Labor Day, which means I’ve got to wait until the next day, then on Thursday I hope to have the real ones in hand. My thinking is that, better equipped, I’ll be in a better position to approach said faculty, independent bookstores, radio hosts, etc.

Tomorrow I intend to schedule the rest of my week in NYC. Being closer to the subway will make for a lot better use of the city. Being on the streets doesn’t lend itself particularly to getting on the internet, though, as it’s proving harder to get access than I expected it to be. New Yorkers seem to be more security conscious than midwesterners, even if the “theft” isn’t particularly likely to result in any loss of valuables. Of course, maybe it could be risky for the innocent wyfi provider, and it’s just that I know so little about computers that I don’t realize how foolish those who are letting me piggyback on their wireless systems are.

I’m composing in front of a house I thought was going to do it for me, but, despite being unsecured acccording to my computer, I don’t seem to get through. May be that the signal is just too weak. If I can find another spot after composing, I’ll send it out today. Otherwise it may be tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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