Bro loses a leg

Last Wednesday my dog, Bro, lost a leg to amputation. He had an unprovoked break which led to diagnosis of cancer and a probable life span of 6 to 9 more months. The day before the break all was well. He seems to be recovering well, and my only hope is that they’re just plain wrong. But at least I’ll be better prepared if they are right. In the meantime I intend to make as good a use of our remaining time together as is possible.

Such it is with bad news. It tends to sneak up on you and then suddenly present itself as a fait accompli.

Sort of like seizing up. Seizing up is how I describe the phenomenon of suddenly becoming able to only deal with the immediate needs of your own body. M.S. has taught me how that can be an activity which one participates in–as well as how quickly a seizing can get way beyond that. Taking to a wheel chair before absolutely necessary is an example of the former, having to give up eventually and take to the wheel chair despite it all an example of the latter.

And so it is with most bad news: when to just give up and accept it all is always a problem.

And that brings me back to my constant theme. It is likely we will find ourselves, one day, confronting a fait accompli regarding the environment. We mustn’t let that ever be. It is, I think, not too late. But we must act now.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Bro’s leg loss and potential course with cancer and grateful to hear your response to it, George. Spend the most quality time together you can. Given the nature of your disease and your ideas on seizing up, this may be even more important. Wishing you much deep and meaningful time with your compadre!

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