Canada Takes Secret Service Seriously

So, a gunman breaks into the Canadian Parliament, causing widespread panic and a shutdown, killing an army guard before he himself is gunned down. The incident resurrects concerns about the U.S. Secret Service.

The Secret Service–now there lies an interesting tale. All the related news before the Canadian story was about the guy who jumped the fence around the Whitehouse and rushed it, getting well inside before the Secrete Service got a handle on it. Has Canada been taking lessons from them?

But what about the guy in the elevator with Obama? He had a record and a gun. Although the jumper had a pocket knife I hardly think reporting it as “armed with a knife,” as is all the rage, seems appropriate in view of the apparent ignoring the guy with the gun on the elevator with the President is getting. Obama wasn’t even in the building with the jumper, who was “armed with a pocket knife.”

What’s going on here?

I do think it appropriate for the woman heading the Secret Service to get fired over this whole thing. But the elevator is much the bigger transgression than the fence. How the hell did that happen? Did he get on at the third floor or something?

This week some would-be copycat jumped the fence and had the dogs sicced on him. I understand he’s being charged with assault for attacking them with his feet while fending them off by kicking them. That seems rather excessive, since it’s not hard to imagine a sort of instinctual reaction coming into play when the dogs gang up on you snarling and biting. Besides, isn’t he going to be charged for jumping the fence in the first place? I hope the President or his family were at least home. The potential intruder was unarmed but that wouldn’t have stopped the Service from killing him if he had gotten to the front steps after the publicity that blew their way the first time.

Probably that’s just as well, since the Canadian Parliament thing shows that people charged with protecting leaders need to assume the worst.

But letting the press in on the decision making strikes me as inappropriate. The guy shouldn’t have been killed for jumping the fence when neither President nor family were home unless he was a threat to people defending the space, which he apparently was not. The President and his family’s location should always be known to all Secret Service agents assigned to protection, so what’s the problem?

But under no circumstance should a guy with a gun, record or not, be on an elevator with the President. Why is that not the story?

I’d like to get onto an elevator with the President. But that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. You see, I am in the habit of carrying a pocket knife. Maybe I should join the NRA and carry a sidearm concealed instead.

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2 Responses to Canada Takes Secret Service Seriously

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Is that story correct George? Did that guy get on the same elevator as Obama and he was armed with a gun at the time??? Hmm…Let’s see… Did the guy legally have a gun on him? If so, then there’s nothing illegal about him getting on the elevator with the president, is there? Is that what our laws say???

    • George says:

      I heard the story on NPR, whom I gennerally have faith in. But you are just being silly. The secret service ought not let someone with a gun and a record onto an elevator with the President. Just because soomeone is willing to give his life to kill someone does not give him the right to do it.

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