Comrade Trump

Comrade Trump

Just finished reading George Packer’s piece in Talk Of The Town in the New Yorker of Feb 27, 2017. It is the first place I’ve seen anyone discuss a credible method of deposing Comrade Trump from the Presidency of the United States. The invocation of article four of the twenty-fifth amendment, which would require support from a coalition of Republicans against the President, is not totally unreasonable. Involved would be the Vice President and a majority of Trump’s own appointees.

I’m very sorry, but I just don’t see it happening–not if the shit doesn’t really hit the fan with Flynn’s testimony about Russian interference in the election. But  the New Yorker is not an impotent adversary, so Trump better watch his back. Either Comrade Trump is being brilliant in keeping his supporters or just stupid in general. I am clearly not qualified to discern which–I am not President while he is.

That he may be in trouble, though, seems clear. The lack of Trump’s ability to get any concession from the Republican members of congress on the replacement and repeal of Obamacare is the main piece of evidence supporting this claim. Another is the empty chairs that persist in the State Department. Tillerson is pretty much on his own out there.

Of course, if Comrade Trump manages to get us involved in a war quickly enough, all bets are off. The bombing in Syria makes much more sense to me as an indication that Trump wants a war than it does as an example of his bleeding heart over those hurt in the chemical attack there.

Comrade Trump is pretty obviously unstable. Whether Republicans will continue to line up behind him is not a clear call. I would have bet on Trump before the rebellion around Obamacare. Trump seems ready to go to war, though, so who knows. There is a lot of power in holding the Presidency. But the Vice Presidency is also held by a Republican, so Party control of the Presidency is not threatened. Surely this is not news to those who would benefit from Comrade Trump’s fall.

Of course, Trump has proven unpredictable before, and he’s not famous for taking assaults lying down, so who knows where this all goes. I have been expecting a Saturday night massacre or a night of the long knives since he took office.

Putin is a judo black belt, as I understand. I’m not sure what dan, or degree, he holds, but I’ve viewed a little of his randori, or scrimmages, on the internet and he clearly is an experienced judoka. A judo contest involves a lot of pushing and pulling, with an occasional flurry of activity as one contestant tries to take advantage of the opponent’s loss of balance and throw him (or her) on his (or her) back. If successful, the referee rules “i pon,” for full point, or “wasari,” for half point. With nothing more to work with, I’ve developed a fantasy of Putin in a contest with the United States in which he is pushing and pulling us, looking for us to be a little bit off balance. I don’t think Comrade Trump is up to the contest. The guy strikes me as highly outclassed. He always seems to be off balance.

Pence, the Vice President, is not much better than Trump. Being a far right Republican, who all strike me as nutcases, he’s probably one. No solace in a very disappointing election, I’m afraid. Hillary was a very disappointing choice for a died-in-ihe-wool Democrat” like myself. But Trump? What a result!

I think we’ll be lucky to get “wasari.”

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