This is my first attempt to utilize MobileMe or something of that sort from my iPhone.

I am dictating this message into my iPhone using Siri.

Couple of days ago I used Facebook to indicate that I would write this message about contrails.

There’ve been so many new contrails in the last 40 years that scientists discovered that there is a phenomenon called global dimming.

A consequence is that global warming is progressing slower than predicted.

Actually, I’m not really sure if that is accurate. It seems to me that I’ve read elsewhere that global warming is actually progressing faster than projected.

Perhaps the real fact is that global warming is progressing slower than it would otherwise.  Such a circumstance would be compatible with both of the reports that it seems I’ve seen, and would sort of make sense.  Global warming might be progressing more quickly than the projections which take into account the slowing effect of global dimming and yet be slower than those that didn’t.

The overall idea that receiving less energy from the sun, as is the effect of contrails, would impede Global warming makes sense any case.

Also, extreme weather events are nothing but confirmation that global warming is occurring.

And extreme weather is absolutely on the uptick.

The beauty of this new method (voice recognition), is that it puts pressure on me to keep my blog entries small even if the thought is not entirely masticating.

So that’s going to do it for this test.

How about commenting to give me feedback and someone is still reading this.

Thank you

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3 Responses to Contrails

  1. Hank says:

    Those stipes you see in the sky aren’t contrails. They’re chemtrails. It’s all over the internet. The spraying of chemicals started in about 1998. They are doing it for solar radiation management, population control, weather control, or biological warfare/chemical warfare. Here’s a link to more info about it:

    BTW-Siri is working fine for you.

    • George says:


      Sorry to say, but this smacks of internet paranoia. Contrails have been out there since jets have been, and I just don’t see private industry jumping on board with a government plot to do what. . . ? Oh, I get it–you’re joking, aren’t you?

      Forgive me if I don’t bother to go to the link.

  2. Barbara says:

    “slower than those that didn’t” … Didn’t what?

    What a weird concept, the emissions from aircraft that help create warming are also slowing it…so if we created more contrails . . .? Hmmm. Skeptical.

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