Don’t Vote!

Well, that’s not a message for everyone.  But it is an important one for a lot of people.  I heard today that something like 10 % of all voters don”t decide who they are going to vote for until the last week of a campaign.  That’s millions of people, and easily enough to determine the outcome during this election.

I’m pleading with you, if you are in that list of undecided voters during the week before the election, please do not vote for President at all.  The position is far too important o go to the man who can best persuade, in these last few days, the kind of inattentive ass you are to vote for him.

Instead of voting, why don’t you start paying attention?  Pay attention every day.  Or, at the very least, start paying attention during at least the last year before an election.

An uninformed voter is the greatest threat there is to  democracy.

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