Evaluations, Trains Planes, and Plans: by Mark Lilly

So, I had my first ‘formal’ evaluation from the school yesterday and it went FANTASTIC!!! I got very high marks. This is the first time in my life that I’ve pursued education to the level I am now and I’m really enjoying it. The kids are GREAT which is making this assignment a joy! The school, Jiangsu Tianyi, is THE best school in the whole area. These kids are all on very successful paths in which American Universities are an essential part of their education. Like I said before, they have forgone the Chinese education system to pursue an American education. It’s really do-or-die for these kids. Furthermore, with the birth moratorium they have in China, most, if not all, of these kids are only children. So, the pressures (and they are BIG) on these kids to carry on the family name is HUGE!

So, right now I’m still in Wuxi, but in a few hours I’ll be on a train (the over 200 mph train) to go to Shanghai tonight for a school Christmas party tonight. Then back first thing tomorrow morning (the TRAIN) to catch a cab (the AUTOMOBILE) to go to the airport (the PLANE) and fly to Hong Kong for five days. Remember when I told you that they got me here on a tourist visa because it was such an urgent situation and that the visa issue would be taken care of later? Well, now is the later.

I’ll try to shoot off a short message while I’m there, So, for know, zair way, Mark Lilly

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