Exeracerbation Strikes

Hi all;

I’ve some bad news.  When I went to Los Angeles and then to Colorado two or three weeks ago I had no idea what effect the heat would have on me.  When I returned to Tahoe, it was hot even here.  

The heat brought on an exacerbation in my M.S. which has yet to abate.  It’s severe enough I’ve decided I’ll have to abandon this year’s Climate Ride.

I may still arrange some sort of affiliation through accompanying the troop as it makes its way down the california coast, but I see no way I can ride the distance in my current condition.

Sorry to disappoint those who have contributed to the NRDC, 350.org, and the Bioneers on my behalf.  I’m afraid about all I can say here is that the beneficiary’s are all good causes, donations are fully tax deductible, and your contributions and votes of confidence were greatly appreciated.

For what it’s worth, no one is more disappointed than I am, and there weren’t that many of you to start with (not your fault, but rater another reflection of my disability–I just wasn’t up to doing all, or even most, of the labor needed to raise the $2400 in contributions I needed to garner a spot on the Climate Ride team).

So, all in all, a bad week.  I should find some good news–okay, here it is: I bought a new car this week.  A 2007 (new to me!) Honda CRV with 48,000 miles on it.  Hopefully the start of a long and fruitful relationship.

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