george-drake.jpgGeorge W. Drake, Ph.C.

Raised in a small northern California mountain town, George W. Drake excelled in primary and secondary school and was able to put himself through college with scholarships and a lucrative summer job as a brakeman for the Southern Pacific RR.

In 1970, George W. Drake earned the Candidate in Philosophy degree in mathematics from U.C. Davis (an official “ABD” degree, signed by Ronald Reagan).

George W. Drake moved from the graduate school to the faculty as the field director and primary trainer in the MAT mathematics program based on the “Socratic Method” technique of teaching as demonstrated by him in classes conducted in the disadvantaged neighborhood of Del Paso Heights in Sacramento.

George W. Drake remained on faculty at UCD until moving back to the mountains in 1978, where he was at Lake Tahoe Community College for the remainder of his teaching career (twenty-four years). During that time he was very active in the Academic Senate, both statewide and local, and in the service organization, Kiwanis International.
In addition, George W. Drake was the founder, in 1989, and moving force behind a local environmental/peace organization, Common Sense. That group floundered in 1995 when he left on account of medical problems, but not before he and many others were arrested numerous times at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site and Common Sense had become a widely respected group in South Lake Tahoe for its numerous public projects, including the annual “Earthwise Commutathon” and “An Evening For World Peace” events.

George W. Drake took an early retirement in 2004 to start a new environmental movement based on a book he was then writing. The book, In The Service of Gaia: The Call, is that work.

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