George Drake, Ph.C.

Biographical Sketch: August 2012

A thirty-four year resident of South Lake Tahoe, CA, Professor Drake taught mathematics at Lake Tahoe Community College for twenty-five years before retiring in 2004 to pursue his real passion, writing on environmental issues.

Academic Studies:
B.A. : UC Davis, mathematics, 1966
M.A.: UC Davis, mathematics, 1968
Ph.C.: UC Davis, mathematics, 1971 (The Ph.C., a rarely available degree, denotes the status of what is commonly known as an “all but dissertation” Ph.D.  The letters stand for “candidate in philosophy.”)

Employment History:
1967-1972 Project S.E.E.D. (Specialist, rising to program director in a project involving teaching math to “disadvantaged” youth).
1973-1977 UC Davis: MAT (Mathematics) field director (tenure track lecturer position).
1978-1979 South Tahoe Unified School District (mathematics teacher).
1979-2004 Lake Tahoe Community College (mathematics professor, department chair during  approximately half that tenure).
2004-present Writer/Philosopher/Environmental activist
Community Service/Organizations:

  • Kiwanis International (Distinguished President, Kiwanian of the year, 1989)
  • Common Sense (South Lake Tahoe local environmental/peace advocacy group) (Founder and President 1989-1996)
  • Lake Tahoe Community College Academic Senate (President for five terms spread out over length of service at LTCC)
  • Executive Committee of the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges (Small College Representative) 1990
  • Common Sense for the Third Millennium (The phoenix organization arising ten years after the demise of the original Common Sense) (President and founder 2006 to present)

WHO (We Honor Ours) award winner, California Teachers Association (College Faculty Division) 2002

Outreaching to the Environmental Community: Presentation to the Ninth Annual International Mars Society Convention, Washington D.C., August 2006.

In The Service of Gaia: The Call. ; ISBN 978-0-9788245-1-7; 2006. A non-fiction account of what motivated his conversion to “Writer/Philosopher/Environmental activist” and the science surrounding the issues.

The Rapture?  I Don’t Think So!  Finalist in the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, 2005 (Accessible by going to and clicking on my name under non-fiction.)
Buddha’s Song, selected for inclusion in Building Bridges from Writers to Readers: An Anthology of Writing from the San Francisco Writers Conference, 2006 (Available online at
Will The Manned Mars Mission Survive The Climate Crisis?: Presentation to the Eleventh Annual International Mars Society Convention, Denver, Colorado, July 2008.

Two Threats to Terraforming Mars and a Discussion of How to Counter Them: Presentation to the Eleventh Annual International Mars Society Convention, Denver, Colorado, July 2008.

Long Range Planning (500 Years) for Terraforming Mars: Joint presentation with Gus Frederick to the Eleventh Annual International Mars Society Convention, Denver, Colorado, July 2008.

Some Questions for Space Advocates:  Presentation to the Fifteenth Annual International Mars Society Convention, Pasadena, California, August 2012.

“George’s Blog,” an ongoing blog since August of 2006 at

Avid Political Junky since 1962

Sabbatical Reports: The English Secondary Educational System (London and Manchester, U.K., 1986), The Internet (University of Guelph, Canada, 1993)

Bicycle Tours: (Central Europe and England 1986, Northern Europe 1987,  Rocky Mountains 1988, California-Oregon Coast 1989, 1990 and 1991, California Climate Ride 2011 (320 miles in five days from Fortuna to San Francisco) and scheduled for same ride in 2012.
Foreign Travel: (Jamaica 1984; United Kingdom 1986, 1987. & 2001; France 1986 and 2001; The Netherlands 1986; Belgium 1986; Germany (East and West) 1986; Switzerland 1986 and 2001; Scotland 1986; Denmark 1987; Sweden 1987; Poland 1987; Canada 1993, 2001 and 2002; Mexico 2000; Spain 2001; and Majorca 2001.)

Domestic Travel: (Thirty-one States, including Hawaii and Alaska)

Physical Disability: Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997, now sometimes uses a wheel chair, and always rides a recumbent three wheeled road bike.

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