Buddha Bubba Raves

Buddha Bubba RavesIn the post World War II years, an advertising campaign for a shaving cream, Burma Shave, captured the hearts of Americans as they began their love affair with the automobile. Along the two lane highways across the nation, signs in sequence spelled out rhymes which always ended with a final sign proclaiming the sponsor, which travelers virtually always proclaimed when it came in view with true gusto. As travel on two lane highways declined, and the sponsor’s business waned, the Burma Shave campaign came to an end.

Common Sense for the Third Millennium wants to revise this campaign, but with a gorilla war mode. There is no need or opportunity for centralized control of content. A consistency of the theme will add to the effectiveness, we’re sure, but once the ball gets rolling, there will be no directing it. In hopes of retaining the influence of Gaian thinking, while still having fun with it, we’re suggesting the final sign always read “Buddha Bubba Raves!”

Here’s an example of what we have in mind, including the general theme we hope will spontaneously thrive:

Global Warming?
Here it is!
Thanks so much,
You corporate pigs.
Buddha Bubba Raves!

Another (not of our creation)

Only Inconsiderate
Sons of Bitches
Throw their cans
In the ditches
Buddha Bubba Raves!

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A good first venue for showcasing the campaign might be bicycle paths, since the idea might gain purchase amongst like minded people before the Hummer crowd gets ahold of it and drops the Buddha part.

Earth forever with us on it,
Or, at least, that’s the rumor.
But who’s to say for sure?
Cancer cells never look beyond the tumor.
Buddha Bubba Raves!

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