“In the Service of Gaia is a work that is universal in scope. George Drake addresses the threat to life on Earth with language and thought that are unimagined by less fearless advocates of traditional and conventional approaches.” 

– Audrey Morrow, adjunct math instructor LTCC

“A page turner! This author thinks outside the box–in fact, off world–and whether you agree with him or not, you will be challenged by his premise.”

– Liz J. Andersen, D.V.M., Eugene, Oregon

“This book boldly challenges environmental assumptions from a unique, if alarming, perspective. The author proposes space-based solutions that are achievable using current – or soon available –

– Brian Enke, Research Analyst, Southwest Research
Institute; Author of /Shadows of Medusa

“George Drake’s fundamental inquiry — How and why did Mars lose its atmosphere and its water, and might Earth be next? — deserves to be taken seriously. His thesis that Earth has already passed the point of no return in that regard, and that all we can do now is attempt to slow down our planet’s dying process enough that we have time to escape, presents a grim call to arms.”

– Daniel McCuaig, WilmerHale, Washington D.C.

“Mr Drake’s vision is an eye opener for us all. He tells the story of his journey to an honest life in a very compelling way. The revelations of his own life makes us question how honest we all are living and what our complacent assumptions will mean to Life in this solar system.”

– Bob Neidermeir, retired postal worker

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