How Far is Too Far:?

How Far is Too Far?

Or, perhaps better, is there too far right to go and still be a Republican? The Republican Party has been taken over by those who have chosen to support the Donald. Many of those who do so claim it is mainly because he is less undesirable than Hillary or the Democrats in general.

I don’t  get it. Why not just own up to the hatred and fear so highly evident in the leader of their movement?

The Donald doesn’t expect to be able to build a wall and make the country of Mexico pay for it.  He expects to build internment camps and lock them up–anyone he doesn’t like. If killing them proves to be more expedient, then he is just the man to order it.

Nor does he expect to keep muslims out of the country. Above all else, he expects–or, at least, he hopes–to seize power and never let it go so long as he is alive.

He will build support by doing, or, more accurately, not doing, what the right-wingers have refused to do for the last eight years–namely anything proposed by the left.

As the Republicans of years-gone-by have seen, believing ideologue’s  interpretations of Republican Party positions about such things as the role of government, has its costs. In particular, Republicans have never advocated for no government. They only want government to stay out of their way. The myth that Republicans are against government is wrong. They were only against government that got in their way.

Being against government is like being against gravity. Government is similar to gravity in that it just happens. We need roads. Everyone needs roads. Roads, rules, standards, even regulations, to name only a few. Republicans may want the government to tread more lightly than the Democrats, but they ought not think no government is of equal or higher value than government in the hands of the enemy. The republicans of late have bet no government was better than a government run by a black man

Yes, I’m playing the race card. For the record, I am a white liberal, seventy-two years old. But this is one of the few points on which I agree with Trump. I think we would be much better off if we stopped being so politically correct.

Those who most vigorously resisted Obama, and especially those who preferred no action to any action initiated by Obama, were motivated by racism. That’s how it looked to me and how it still looks.

What virtually no-one is ready to talk about is the degree to which this agrees with the shift to the south that the Republicans took in my life time. Republicans used to be reasonable. Today they are just pathetic.

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