How to gain attention

Well, here’s  a  thought.  I’ve been trying for a long time to find an effective way of communicating how seriously I think the environmental problem has become.  I don’t want to get a book published only to have it languish on the shelf.  Alarmingly, self-immolation has  often appeared to be the best option.  But what about more limited kinds of attention getters than setting mysef affire.  Self-mutilation, for example.

Suppose I were to publicly chop off a  finger–a little finger, maybe

That would hurt, for sure.   But you should get some press coverage out of it.

And it’s not final, like suicide–I should be able to continue trying to elaborate.

Kind  of final, though, in that you don’t get the finger back.

Biggest downside, perhaps, is the fact that it presents me with a real dilemma.  Do I actually have the courage of my convictions?  Will my arguments stand up under an assault, especially when the only defender of my position may be someone nutty enough to self-mutilate.

It makes me wonder just how much of of this is pure drama.  Do I really expect anything more from myself than just talk?  Maybe talking about it aloud is the first step to real commitment.

I know that not sharing my original thinking about deadline dates for self-immolation played a very important role in not having their existence seem real.  It was easier to let them pass without notice.

But what if all those who agree were to make the same threat?  I wonder, is that almost the empty set.  Does anyone agree with me?  What if I run the flag up, but no one salutes?

It’s a lot like talking to one’s self.

And can I use the disability as a rationale?  Or, more to the point, will my disability make the action seem more rational?  After all, losing a little finger when you can hardly feel your hands doesn’t sound like nearly as great a sacrifice as it would be if I were able bodied.

There’s also no reason to delay.  This could start anytime–no need to await a memorable date.  The only restraint that seems legitimate is maximizing the effect.  Have to have something to say–actually already in a format for its being read, as the spin won’t last long,

Does  that mean I should already be simply sharing the Vision?

Should I stage it with viral in mind?  Should it be done in front of JPL, or CalTech, or Stanford, or Mckibben’s home.  Hansen?  Grinspoon?  Boulder?

Should I check out Olivia E. Butler’s family?  What about solseed?

One thing seems  certain, nothing will come of it if I don’t do something.  If I wait long enough, I’ll just seize up–like everyone else.   I already see the evidence.

And what’s the worst that could happen?  Maybe someone could really refute my fears?  Would that really be so bad??  At least we’d be talking  about population and the survivability of all things, instead of just our own survivability.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Maybe you could find a special effects guy who could set you on fire so you wouldn’t hurt yourself, and have someone put you out. Video it. Someone would probably call the fire dept and police. You could call the newspaper just before you set yourself on fire and make sure they were there before you lit the match. Might get some publicity that way. I think fire would get a lot more attention than cutting off a finger would. Do it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in DC, or some other prominent place. On the capital steps?

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