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Hi everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood tech admin here! My name is Emily, I’m George’s niece, and I do all the technical computer stuff for George’s Blog. It’s come to my attention that a lot of frequent readers aren’t subscribed to this site, and I think it may be because a lot of readers don’t know that they should subscribe, or what that means, or how they go about doing that. So, here are some instructions. RSS Feed 101, if you will.

First of all, the feed service we use is Feedburner, and they have a helpful introduction to RSS and feeds and subscriptions, which you can read by clicking here.

Alright! Now that you’re a computer expert here’s how you subscribe to George’s blog:

If you look to the top right corner of the page, you’ll see this:

Most likely you’ll only want to subscribe to the articles (if you want to get a notification every time someone leaves a comment, let me know and I’ll add further instructions to this post), so click on the either the big orange square, or the text that says “Articles”.  That will take you to a page that looks like this:

When you see all those mysterious icons to the left, don’t be frightened. Just keep breathing, and follow my instructions. If you recognize and use any of those services (iGoogle, Google Reader, My Yahoo) you can click on those to add George’s Blog to your search engine homepage or feed service. For now though, we’re going to focus on subscribing via email. Click on “Get George’s Blog delivered by email”, located below that cloud of scary icons. A pop-up box will pop up:

(Your browser may try to block this window from popping up, so you may need to temporarily disable your pop-up blocker, or grant this site special permissions. If this is a problem, you should be prompted by your browser as to how to do this.) Once you get this window, enter your email address, and fill out the captcha (the funky looking letters that almost spell a word). Click on “Complete Subscription Request” and you should come to this screen:

But slow down, speed-racer, you’re not done yet! Now you need to wait by your inbox for the email from Feedburner. If it doesn’t come right away, do as the purple box says and check your spam folder. You may need to put Feedburner on a “white list” of approved email addresses.

In the body of the email, there should be a website address for you to confirm your subscription. Click on it, and a box should pop up like this:

And when you see this screen, congratulations! You’re done! Now you can enjoy your content from George’s Blog from the luxury of your email inbox!


And if you have any problems, feel free to email me at


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