I Can See Clearly Now

Mood swing on the up tilt recently. Got a much better handle on what I’m going to do with the rest of this trip. Or at least try to do. Mood still variable, though.

The phrase “advance to the rear” which was a reference to how the marines had to fight their way out of the Chosin Reservoir region in Korea when they were cut off by the Chinese in the early stages of the Korean Conflict, as we used to call it, was an inspiration.

I will approach potential speaking venues in five or six regions, each further along the way west. I’ll make the approach at least a week before I anticipate being in the region, preferably two or even three. The decision alone was like breaking a dam. Work was suddenly getting done–and that contributed largely to why you haven’t heard from me lately. Revised a lot of the website and planned a rough estimate of where I’ll be when. Approached a number of Mars Society chapters, as they were easy to compile.

It may all turn out to be poppycock, but at least it’s direction. Frankly, I doubt even three weeks notice will be adequate to get many engagements, but at least I’ll be able to say I was trying. It’s doubtlessly irrational, but that’s important to me somehow. And it has the big advantage that it sets me on a course toward home.

I think I’ll try to do something rational with the time, too. There are a number of friends and family dispersed through this land that I might make lynchpins in the itinerary. Might even just let it all go for a bit and do something totally irresponsible, and just tootle.

That would, at least, reassure some of those of you with faint hearts who wonder wether I’ve just gone completely bonkers. After all, not everyone gets an opportunity like this to be just touring the country on his own agenda in his own vehicle, with no hard and fast deadlines to meet. “And he’s just throwing it away!”

Anyway, the current plan makes me run about two weeks behind my original schedule, making the trip almost three, not two, months. That’s actually a relief, though, because I really was beginning to have a hard time seeing the end of it at all.

Can’t let this missive go without some philosophical stuff, though. One is the “Korean Conflict” allusion earlier. That was back when people seemed to understand the importance of language. When “war” was reserved for something Congress had formally declared, not someone’s idea of a good cause. How smart our elders were. I speak being fully aware of my being a senior citizen now.

The other is the A-wordhole thing. The main reason so many people in a city live in isolation is that they occasionally encounter assholes, and, because they’re assholes, it feels like you encounter them more than you do normal people. Like terrorists, they project a profile way out of proportion to their actual threat, terrorizing people into withdrawing from cooperative behaviors that are the only real way to meet the challenges that our population poses. If the good people would rise up against the assholes, cities would be truly wonderful places, for people are actually quite pleasant. We are instinctually a herding species, I think. Intelligently herding, perhaps, but herding nonetheless.

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