The evidence surrounds us as densely as the deepest forest: we are all mortal. But  that’s not how it feels. Not to me. Not today. Never has.
What’s it all about, Alfie? Sorry…shouldn’t reference old movie or song titles that give    away my age. But it really is a good question.
Last night I had a dream. Innocent, as they all are these days, involving a woman I don’t think I’ve ever met in this life. Her name was Lois, and, in my dream-life, I knew     her well–intimately, and for years. On awakening, I tried hard to place her, but could  not.
Dreams–they are, and always have been for me–like another reality I go to in my sleep. Is that what dying will be like? Will immortality be like a really vibrant dream? Or will I be mortal after all?
What’s that mean? How do I imagine nothingness? Even dreamless sleep is only defined by awakening.
Like controlling your piss stream in the middle of a fart, it’s apparently humanly impossible. Or is that just a guy thing?
Reality–what a concept.
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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Dreams are great. They’re also called “Visions”.

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