The evidence surrounds us as densely as the deepest forest: we are all mortal. But that’s not how it feels. Not today. Never has.

What’s it all about Alfie? Sorry. . . shouldn’t reference old movie or song titles that give away my age. But it really is a good question.

Last night I had a dream. Innocent, as they all are these days, involving a woman I don’t think I’ve ever met–in this life, at least. Her name was Lois, and, in my dream-life, I knew her well and intimately–for years. On awakening, I tried hard to place her, but could not.

Dreams–they are, and always have been for me–like another reality I go to when I sleep. Is that what dying will be like? Will immortality be like a really vibrant dream? Or will I be mortal after all?

What’s that even mean? How do I imagine nothingness? Even dreamless sleep is defined by awakening.

Like controlling your piss stream in the middle of a fart, it’s apparently humanly impossible. Or is that just a guy thing?

Reality–what a concept.

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2 Responses to Immortality

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    What profound philosophical thoughts George! I want to be a tree in my next life, so please be sure my ashes are buried in the roots of a nice tree, hopefully one that has a nice view and won’t be cut down for a long time.

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