Is It Cool To Rant So Much?

I’ve been accused of rabting too much.  And I suspect I do.

At the very least, my ranting so much makes it easier for those who disagree with my basic tenets to completely dismiss whatever I say.  Ranting also lends itself to over emphasis of points I believe to be true, but for which I may not have solid evidence.  I’m trying to stick to my usual Tuesday topic of environmentalism here, which is where the original critique was made, but I’m sure it applies to political topics as well.

As for environmental points, ranting also suffers the disadvantage that the majority of the people at whom I rant are precisely the people most likely to sit on the same side of the most important issues as do I.  Yet I’m not at all sure how to get them to see the importance of the error of their ways.  As I perceive them, of course (recognizing my tendency to rant).

Nothing seems so important to me as recognizing that we are not going to make it (here on this planet–any of us living beings), and that we must get off the planet if any of us is to survive (on geological time scales).

That we have to start looking at this in an entirely different manner follows as Shakespear’s night the day.  It’s not at all about humanity.

How do I say that without it having the essential whiff of rant embedded?

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3 Responses to Is It Cool To Rant So Much?

  1. Dallas Smith says:

    Rant on Brother! I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say, but I love your willingness to say it. The word rant implies a blind emotional outburst, whereas your blogs are expressed very logically and reasonably. So perhaps a different descriptive word should apply…some word that identifies the blog as a personal expression of deeply held opinions.

  2. I agree with Dallas in that you have a logical rhythm to your arguments, George. What may be helpful, though, if your intention is to enlist some positive action towards what you see as the answer, is to find ways to say your message that doesn’t alienate those you wish to enlist. A fine art/craft indeed. Have you tried living in the solution?

    • George says:

      well, “living in the solution” seems a bit vague to me.
      what do you mean? I do try to be positive most of the time. I certainly try to get others to see the magnitude of the issue that dominates our, and our children’s future. I recycle, turn off lights, etc. What do you mean, in particular?

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