Is The So-Called President Crazy?

Although I didn’t mention it in the last post, one of the things that I’ve long thought Trump shares with Hitler is that I think they are both certifiably crazy. Or, at least, Hitler was so, and Trump is so. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean either of them had to be incompetent.

I think Trump is proving himself quite competent. In particular, he seems to have kept his support in America very well. This despite the very unsuccessful roll-out of his anti-immigrant executive order. Of course, this may be a real inflection point. The democratic forces in America may prove to prevail over the Hitler-like tendencies of the Donald.

He also seems quite good at out-foxing the press. His tendency to lie is completely misunderstood by the mainstream press. It is not just that he is a pathological lier, though he appears to be that. It is part of a well thought out strategy. By using lying as a strategy, he succeeds in keeping control of the public discussion. No press wants to be thought of as misleading the public. So, instead of just saying Trump lied about x, y. or z, they spend days fact checking him. The public, whose attention span is famously short, focuses only on Trump’s original lie and his follow-up accusations of a “lying press” that follows. Meanwhile, only the press believes the truth is important.

If, though, something happens that gives Trump the chance to get us into a war without taking blame for it, all bets are off. Suppose Kim Jong Un, the nutcase that rules North Korea, decides to threaten the U.S. mainland with his nuclear weapons and newly developed intercontinental missiles? Trump would jump on such an opportunity in a heartbeat. If I were him, I’d nuke Pyongyang hoping to get Un along with any Korean nukes and a lot of civilian collaterals. I’d be willing to bet the Chinese would stand by and shout their objections from the sidelines. Nobody seems to like Un very much. Such would go over very well in America, especially if China does stay out of it. Who would be surprised by Trump’s doing so as well?

I doubt that would be anything but a slight delay in the inevitable, though. Like the early Hitler, I don’t think Trump will be happy until the entire world is at war. Also like the younger Hitler, Trump will expect to win. The economy in America–worldwide, really–will flourish, as it did in WWII. (I’m thinking about the period during which the fighting was hot and heavy, here) Industry will pump more and more pollution into the atmosphere. Climate Change is going to be unstoppable. Unstoppable in the sense of the Earth becoming uninhabitable to any species currently inhabiting it.

In a panic, whoever wins the war will resort to geoengineering, probably in the form of stratospheric insertion of a sunscreening gas, to stave off the effects of Greenhouse Warming. That should buy some time, but whether it will be a permanently lasting solution or not is not at all clear. Many people do not realize that the extreme versions of climate change could conceivably be so extreme that all life might be at risk. But this is exactly what extreme climate change might eventually involve. And I’m not talking billions of years, here. I’m talking centuries, here. Maybe even decades.

But I ramble. So what if it all goes to hell? So what if climate change winds up being as bad as it might be? Well, for one thing, I’ll finally be proven right. But who cares? Nobody, that’s who. Nobody will even be left. No one will even be aware.

The Vision I had in 1986 suggested we would have to get off. I’ve always assumed that meant we would have to terraform Mars. But, then, for the first several years after the Vision all I did was try to stop the nuclear madness that possessed the Reagan years. Now the powers of science and society combine to pretend the worst case cannot be the case we will ever see. Then they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Why should anyone take them seriously? They, themselves, do not take themselves seriously. All their little studies of the many small things they can study indicate the pieces may be worse than we thought. But the implications for the larger problem are ignored by the scientific community.

But don’t worry. It can’t happen here. Despite the fact it is.

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5 Responses to Is The So-Called President Crazy?

  1. Fred Drake says:

    Has it occurred to you that you,Trump and Hitler
    might be a trifecta?lol

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    Do you suppose that if N, Korea launches a rocket that can reach the US, Trump will respond by nuking N. Korea claiming that they launched a nuclear warhead at us? I suppose they’ll test their missiles in a different direction?

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