Is There Life Elsewhere?

The other night I encountered an interesting article in Science magazine. It was about the discovery of 1.2 million Galaxies, via some sort of imaging device, in a rectangle 600 light years by 200* lightyears by 60* lightyears. That’s galaxies with a “g.” I’m not sure of the number of light  years next to the asterisks but they are about right, nor do I know off-hand what percent of the known universe is represented by the rectangle, but I assume it is small. The most important thing, for this piece, is that every galaxy has in excess of one million stars.

1.2 million galaxies! My mind went immediately to another project I am currently engaging in: a translation of the Bible from the King James version to modern language. I find it incomprehensible that so many of my peers put their belief systems in the hands of people who, not only had no firm idea of how large a million is, but had no telescope to look at even the stars of our own galaxy. And yet many people go to church every Sunday to listen to the writings of these people to understand what the universe is about.

Of course, if we have learned anything with the acquisition of the tools of science, it is that we only know less. No one knows any more about what life is about now than they knew back then. Why not let the Bible guide us. They were guessing, too.

So I decided to spend some time learning exactly what the Bible really told us. I started with First Samuel, where Saul was selected as King of the Israelites. I’ve recently decided to move to the New Testament after David’s death in chapter two of First Kings. It has been quite an eye-opener.

First of all, it seems to be more a history than a religious text. Secondly, these were not nice people. Times were tough,then, make no mistake. But the winners were not so much “chosen by god” as just meaner than everybody else. If there’s a religious message there, I don’t want to know it.

I’ve fallen down a bit on the blog lately, so I plan to keep my readers up to pace with what I am doing by posting here, during the next few weeks, some of what I am doing for the writer’s group. Enjoy!

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    I can’t understand why deeply held religious beliefs are ever held in higher esteem than deeply understood facts.

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