Is Trump President?

Is Trump Really President Of The United States?

Dismissing the issues that plague the Trump Administration, like Trump’s not having won the popular majority and Russia’s interference in the election, this question still remains, even if only with those of us who wish it really weren’t so. Is it true that this very little man is President?
What are the chances we will be free of him? Can we hope for impeachment? I mean, do we really hope for a scenario that includes President Pence?
If both Pence and Trump  were to be assassinated, the Presidency falls to the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. That would be much better than what prevails at present. Also, if the House were to become led by Democrats at the 2018 election, the Speaker of the House might become Nancy Pelosi, which would be much better by my judgment. But that means Trump would be President for a full two years before he goes.
Not good enough.
We are stuck with a very unhappy situation, in my opinion, for at least the next two years. And make no mistake, there is no way to avoid it. Although the question might may have its own appeal, the answer is known and not best ignored. So, what alternative to the present reality has the least damage potential?
Quite likely, having Trump remain President may be the best we can hope for. Pence is, very likely, a worse choice, and he would probably last much longer than Trump now appears likely to. Now, too, Trump appears to be hobbled.
Currently, one can critique that observation by pointing out that Trump’s restraint is mostly self-imposed. Self-restraint, true.”Self-restraint” in the sense that what restraint there is is mainly self–inflicted. Thank God for Trump’s Tweets! Most people who follow him cannot see him as a rational human being. Or, at least, I hope most people can’t. Even ideologues surely see him as someone who is only interested in his own well-being. Clear thinking ideologues are probably constantly weighing whether they will maximize their impact on government by sticking with Trump or abandoning him.
Trump, in his present situation, might be a better choice than an unknown Pence.
Pence, by the way, is not a totally unknown quantity. He is a well established conservative. He is opposed to abortion, loves small government, and doesn’t like any government regulation of industry. He’s, like Trump, a climate denier. He has quite a record of publicly taking these and other conservative positions. But at least he is not crazy. Not as crazy as Trump, anyway.
Maybe that’s really the better way to go. Rooting for impeachment, I mean. Even if it turns out to be that we have to put up with conservatives for a longer spell than we’re apt to have to put up with Trump. The danger, though, of leaving Trump in office one second longer than is absolutely necessary keeps me on Pence’s side. Trump is crazy, but he is not stupid. Engaging North Korea in a hot war, despite the charges of “tail wagging the dog” that would obviously follow, would probably solidify Trump’s popularity. From there forward there might be no way of stopping him.
At the very least, though, if the election in 2018 is held without Trump having already become the recognized Fuehrer of the American Fourth Reich, Democrats have to gain Congress or, at least, the House.

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2 Responses to Is Trump President?

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    We need some good Democrat leaders.

  2. Our minority president, a.k.a. Trump, is too much of a wild card on the world stage for me to feel safe. At least with Pence we know what we’re getting and can work on Issues as issues without the chaotic Trump factor. .

    Trump is a minority president. He does not have a strong mandate of the American public, though he remains strong and well liked in his voter base. Particularly because he has already started campaigning for the next election and using the same tactics of whipping up anger and hatred in his followers.

    I’m curious of two things: what would it take for his followers to become disenfranchised with him? He once said that he could stand in the middle of Times Square and kill someone and not lose his following.

    The second thing I’m curious of is when will the American public hold the Republicans responsible for his actions as they continue to let him do his in inanity so they can get their agenda through? It would s proof they are willing to do anything they can to get their way – including jeopardizing the life supporting capacity of the planet and nuclear war.

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