Just Fishing.

I heard a commentator the other day say that our concern about the epidemic in extinctions is mostly restricted to mammals, primates and birds.  Most people have no interest in more than a very few plants, and even fewer about reptiles or nematodes.  Big has its appeal, too.  Bears and whales are sexy, but salamanders or fungii just don’t float my boat.

I wonder if that is so wise.  My passion, as most of you know, is the preservation of the life-force from this planet.  While some species are easier for you and I to relate to, others may have no interest to us, but, nonetheless, be extremely important to the survival of Gaia, the interconnected and interdependent conglomerate of living things I’m referring to as the Life-force from this planet.

Earthworms, for instance, may have no interest to me, except when fishing, but surely their demise would have far more impact on mother Earth than the disappearance of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker.  Yet I know much more about the extinction status of the latter than of the former.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  I mean, what if we were about to drive one or more of the most important species to extinction?  It seems to me that I ought to be aware of that.  Such information ought not be possible to overlook just because my natural tendency might be to ignore it.

But, I guess we do get the information we’re most interested in.  Seems to be a natural out come given our reliance on money.  If you’ve got to have the bread to buy bread yourself, you can’t just do interesting stuff.  You’ve got to sell it;

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