Last Post While Trump Is Still Out Of Office

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So, the Donald doesn’t think the CIA is on his side. That seems to be one of the many unexpected consequences of them having been so happy to have been on Dick’s side back when he wanted to invade Iraq. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Luckily, neither does his opinion currently run counter to his interests. This way he can use previous behavior of the CIA and stay on his own side. And, if there has become one obvious thing during the transition, it is that his own interests are paramount.

The biggest deficit of democracy begins to seem to be the election process itself.

I really have no idea where this is all going. No-one seems to have any idea where the Donald is going to go now that he is about to become president of the United States, His choices for cabinet offices do not speak well so far.

But I know no better than they. My bent is to be pessimistic, so I find myself in the ranks of those who doubt that American Democracy will survive. Either the Donald will never step down, or the military will stage a coup. Quite likely both. Perhaps someone will do him in. Just an ordinary guy. Except, of course, he would have to be as crazy as the victim.

But, then, maybe the Russians might do it. There’s a thought. With America as divided as it seems to be, what better opportunity is likely to present itself to Putin? Putin, as I understand it, is a black belt in judo. I never reached that level when I was on the judo team in college, but  I had ample time to observe how black belts went about their business. First of all, when fighting an opponent, most of the fight is a lot of pulling and pushing. Each opponent trying to force the other slightly off balance. When one thinks he has accomplished that he moves in with his preferred throw given the circumstances.

The main opponents here are Russia and the U.S., although everyone else is definitely watching for their own opening. Mistakes on either side will probably not go unpunished.  Right now, I would bet on the Russians.

America is badly off balance after Trump’s minority victory with Russia’s help. What Russia, under Putin, is looking for now is a spectacular i pon (full point) throw. The one thing I most agree with Trump on is that Putin is a very worthy opponent.

May we live in interesting times.

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  1. Personally, I think remorse will set in among Trump’s less informed supporters. They expect him to follow through on all his promises, so he’s bound to disappoint. Then if Congress allows 20 million to lose their health insurance, serious opposition in his ranks will ensue. Or maybe he’ll run against the Republican Congress. Nobody knows at this point…

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