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[Editor’s note:  Below is the next e-mail exchange between Mark and I.  Please ignore the capital letters included in mine–I haven’t learned yet how to convert them to lowercase on my Mac once they’ve been (mistakenly) typed.  So they usually stay in once I’ve entered them.]


You mentioned the fear of Chinese medicine.  Would you elaborate on that?  Also, I’m quite interested in the bottled water issue.  HAS THE WATER MARKET BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE GOVERNMENT? OR IS IT PRIVATELY HELD AND COMPETITIVE? If it’s privately held, how is it regulated?



The fear of Chinese medicine is MY fear of Chinese medicine. I really just don’t want to get sick and if I did, I would want a Western doctor here. I can’t speak or read Chinese and the thing they like to do first, and foremost, is an IV. That seems to be a cure all in China from what I hear. I’ve just heard enough stories from people (Western) here that I really don’t want to go through it.

So, the water issue here. Yes, I drink bottled water. I do take showers, thank goodness, but don’t drink from the tap. I’ve read a little and found out that most of the contamination of the water was from accidents near drinking supplies. There really isn’t must regulation here on anything. People just seem to do what they want where they want. So, the tap water, is polluted so bad that unless you frequently drink carcinogenics, try to avoid it. Brushing my teeth, well, I’m guilty, I use tap water. But, I spit out everything I can. Then after I spit out, I spit out more, and then more. I don’t ingest any of it.

As far as government or privatized bottled water, I really couldn’t tell you. I can’t read the bottle if it’s in Chinese. I do trust the source and stay away from the unfamiliar.

I’ve got a busy week this week that will culminate with a Christmas Party Saturday night in Shanghai and a plane trip to Hong Kong on Sunday. See, when the school needed me, they needed me now! In order to get the right visa, it would have taken extra time. They figured getting me here was the first order of business and they’ll handle the paperwork later. It will cost them an extra expense to get me to Hong Kong and back. But, that was an expense that they calculated as necessary to get me here as soon as they could. I really don’t mind, I wanted to see Hong Kong and this way, it’ll be their dime. After that trip my visa should be in order.

I am enjoying this assignment, it’s a whole lot of work. But, it’s been work I love.  I’ll try to e-mail you next week from Hong Kong.

Take Care, Mark Lilly

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