Maybe I’m Finally on the Move Again

The TEDx spin off of the popular TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) web-based series of talks on a great many topics is coming to Tahoe this fall.  I want to be one of their speakers, and my initial inquiry indicated that my name had already come to the attention of the organizer.

He gave me the link to follow to apply, but it looked more like a place to make nominations.  Not feeling really good about nominating myself, yet really wanting to be on the venue, I’ve decided to solicit nominations from those of you who think my talk might be worth while.

So, how about going to
and nominating me?  The more that give me support, the better my chances of getting on the stage, so please don’t delay.  I’d like to have the nominations in by early August.  Thanks.

To help you fill out the form, here’s some relevant information:  The Theme of the TEDx talks in Tahoe will be “clarity.”  My take on that topic will be to point out the importance of focus in attaining that quality and then to suggest some ways in which our response to  environmental problems have been hindered by our currently misdirected focus.

In particular, the root of most of Earth’s current environmental problems lies in the overwhelming success of our species, and that, in turn, derives largely from our long standing habit of focusing on humanity alone.  Changing that focus is long past due.  We must learn that all creatures on this planet are vital and linked in an interdependent web.

The Gaia Hypothesis, that the entire planet can be regarded as a single, living entity, gives an opportunity to change our focus.  “We” are not merely humans, “we” are all living creatures.  My talk will attempt to make this new “us” our new focus.

Regarding a biological sketch, The most important items I can submit for your attention are my 34 years’ residence in Tahoe, the 26 years as a full time math professor at LTCC, the multiple sclerosis I suffer from, the recent fundraising bicycle rides for climate advocacy organizations (320 miles each), and the books I’ve written–or am working on–and whose excerpts have won prizes at writer’s conferences, including first place in non-fiction in 2009 at San Francisco.

For a more complete biography, see my web page at

Votes of confidence and personal anecdotes reflecting who I am and “what makes me tick” will be very helpful.  Thanks again.

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