Last weekend we went to Santa Cruz for a holiday. I had a good time. Barb could have used more. The weather was very nice–warm, sunny, and not too windy. I mostly read ate, and drank.

On returning we may have an opportunity to visit Rexanne on the big island in Hawaii–got an invitation, but not sure yet if it is legitimate or if Barb can get the time off. I am not planning to join Barb, Janice, and Heidi on their planned trip to Maui this fall account of concerns over heat, but I’ve never really visited the big island and the chance is worth the extra effort.

Life would be a real drag without a purpose, I think. Especially the handicapped life. Luckily, I don’t have that problem. The reason I bring it up is that I recently read a description of the greek travels of heros of Odysseus and Iliad, etc., which attempted to characterize them by their travails. Included was assistance from others.

Assistance from others is a major thing I need to garner if I am to achieve my purpose. Rexanne’s current squeeze, if I am current at all, is an official at the Moana Loa observatory. Might be some help there.

I recently realized I would have to try to convince some scientists to endorse me or my ideas if I was to get traction with the general public, or, perhaps even more importantly, from a publisher or agent. The strength of my arguments are not sufficient to gain public support without that kind of a platform. There is just too much inertia in the system without that kind of support to overcome it. I am, it is good to keep in mind, not a recognized expert in any of these fields, and my ideas are far from the norm.

I am hoping the invitation is legitimate and Barbara can get off.

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