Nepal Has An Earthquake, Baltimore Riots

Imagine, if you will, a world without Earthquakes. A world in which the ground really is stable. A world where it never moves.

This is hardly a world that is flat. Ice would surely make ground at the poles ride up, rimed  by a cycle of warmth followed by cold. But nothing like mountains would exist. Nepal is famous for its mountains. Yet they apparently built as if Earthquakes are little known there. People are like that; if we have not recently experienced it, we tend to not think of it at all. “It” here, of course, is a major Earthquake.

Replacement is usually more expensive than reinforcement but this may not be so evident when one is faced with reinforcement bills today vs. replacement bills which may fall to someone else or at a much later date. So men tend to value reinforcement and replacement in a more equal manner than they might otherwise.

It is a balancing act we only notice at times like this.

Meanwhile Baltimore is burning. This has been a long time in coming. Like the pressure of tectonic plates, the tension between the black (and recently the brown) communities and the police forces we use to contain them has finally passed a tipping point. Started with the killing of a teenager in Kansas and exoneration locally of the killer, the continuation of highly visible cases from NYC to Minnesota to Maryland has reached the breaking point, and appears to have broken. How severe the break still remains to be seen. I hope ISIS is still restricted to the middle east when all this settles down,

I hope it not only because I am in the class that most benefits from racism as it lives and breathes in America, but because I recognize the greatest benefit we have in this country, peace, as by far the most precious blessing we have here. It is a blessing to us all, black, brown, yellow, red, and white. As one who is white, I plead with my fellows, please, please give up the fear and hate that has, for so many years, kept the other colors “in their place.” Giving it up is the only peaceful way we are going to transition this rough period.

Rimed Ice is everywhere, and the mountains of generations of prejudice are our inheritance–it is where we live. There will be earthquakes. Let us prepare. Prepare by making “their place” everyone’s place.

The transition will, in no case be easy for the whites. The costs of reinforcement are present and high. Plus the forced replacement cost of the ruptures that have already occurred are even more burdensome. But they are due as well.

Pay them now. They only increase as time passes.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Gotta keep people happy enough so that they don’t come with pitchforks!

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