Newtown at Six Months

The news tonight (composed several days ago) said this was the sixth month’s mark since Newtown, the murder of twenty first graders and six educators that briefly looked like it might finally trigger such public outrage as to break the insane chokehold the gun lobby has on American gun policy.

It now looks like the NRA and its money backed sponsors has ompletely ruled  the day.  Only if someone would leak the photos of the slaughtered children (Michael Moore’s suggestion), would there be a hope of regaining  the initiative for the good guys here.

I’ve said all along that if there is any hope for getting regular mass murders off the front pages it is through repealing the second amendment.      Mass murders in America go back a long time, as least until the start of the twentieth century-longer, if you look at non-school shootings.

Nutcases have aways existed, and they’ve had access to guns for  about as long as there’ve  been guns.  But the idea that government shouldn’t be allowed to regulate guns-or clips, or ammunition-is an abomination.

It’s an abomination which stems directly from the idea that guns  are effective weapons when  used against a tyrannical government.  That is nothing but 18th century thinking.  That idea was shown to be pretty valid in the Revolutionary War, but it hasn’t had any validity in modern times.  Back then a gun was state of the  art weaponry.  Today state of the  art is air attack fighters  and  chemical  weapons.

Today, to guarantee protection from a tyrannical government, what we need is an amendment that guarantees the  right of a state to secede.  I think the US would have been better off without the South for generations anyway.  What we don’t need is a guarantee of a vast market for gun dealers and manufacturers.

Repeal the  second amendment!   Stop the carnage.  At least raise some barriers.

George Drake

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2 Responses to Newtown at Six Months

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Yeah, good luck with that one George!

  2. Barbara says:

    I can only agree that the power of the NRA is insane, and that the memory and outrage of American citizens is tragically short-lived (except in the South perhaps, where they can’t seem to let go of the Civil War). Wish I knew the answer. I’d go for benevolent dictatorship if it got to be dictator. . . .

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