On Dying

On Dying

Perhaps Sarah Palin was onto something when she touted her knowledge of how to field dress a moose. I realized this when I realized that I, personally, do not even know how to field dress a deer. In particular, if I were to shoot a deer today, I would not even know how long I had to get the task done before the rot had set in, spoiling the meat.

Many years ago a dog I loved more than any other in my life, Odds-on, died while we were on a trip to Saint Helena, I think it was. It was on my Honeymoon, and it spoiled it in a billion ways. We drove back overnight so we might bury him in Tahoe. Before we arrived, despite several ice baths, his body was beginning to smell, so I assume one does not have very long.

Perhaps a good way to evaluate one’s ability to lead the free world would be to restrict candidates to people who have actually field dressed at least one deer. That may or may not have eliminated president Trump. At any rate, we couldn’t be worse off.

A lot of what is driving this line of discourse is a realization that most of the people in this old folks home don’t know what pills they are taking, or why. Well, okay, I haven’t actually taken a survey–I’m just guessing. It seems reasonable, though. Most of us live or die on the activity of others. Here, at least. They feed us, medicate us, dress us and literally wipe us as needs be. Before this I’ve rarely encountered anyone who thought it a good thing when I would share the fact I am quite regular, but my regularity is about once every four days, but now it seems to be more commonly positively received. Strange how that works. So many things seem to rely on how they effect us, personally. Or, more accurately, on how we perceive their impact on us.

As a consequence of that observation, I got to thinking about how little of the essential things I do I know much about. It’s certainly not just about hunting. I did take a little survey, by the way, and “field dressing” itself seems to be a term which most people today have not encountered. And why should they? The NRA notwithstanding, most people today will never kill a deer, let alone Sarah’s moose. We’re much more likely to use our god given right to own a gun to commit suicide. And why shouldn’t we?

Dying’s a bit of a drag, if getting older is any indication. Who’d have ever guessed that such a thing would have ever have happened to me.

Speaking of the NRA, it’s just come out that the NRA was involved in the funneling of money to the Donald. I wonder if Sarah could dress him

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2 Responses to On Dying

  1. Bobby Jacobs says:

    I like my place in the food chain. Gazing at clear wrapped meat. If I like it I buy it. The good news is that so far nothing has fought back.

  2. Hank Raymond says:

    Eating plants is better for you than eating dead animals.

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