On Getting Older

On Getting Older

If things go as I expect them to, I will possibly live about 12 more years. As always, that is highly speculative. While we always agree we are all mortal, no-one seems to expect his death to happen in the next minute or two.

What will the world look like in twelve years?

Let’s see, at the very least, the United States will be governed differently. Trump may still be alive, but his relationship to our government will definitely be different than it is now. He may even no longer be a central figure in it. If he is, government itself will be very different. If he is not, and yet still lives, he will leave, on his departure, a country torn by dissension. I do not suspect the United States will survive him.

One of the truly odd things about current politics is the uncertainty of stability. Or, much more accurately, the certainty of the instability of the current situation in politics has never been so clear. Things will not remain the same for long.

Perhaps we will be at war in twelve years. Perhaps Trump will have been assassinated. All we really know is that the current direction cannot continue without something having a blip. Perhaps there will even be two United States by then, one mostly of the north, the other mostly of the south. One thing appears clear: the white south has never accepted defeat by the north in the Civil War. Lincoln’s devotion to keeping the Union together has been defeated. That’s how it looks to me, anyway.

If we are at war in twelve years from now, I think Trump will still be at the reins of at least one of the remaining United States. Whether he is popular then will, I think, depend on whether the United States appears to be winning the war or not. The future of the world will, almost certainly, lie in the balance. Neither hope nor fantasy will save the planet from global warming, though. By twelve years from now everyone, Trump included, will agree that global warming is a phenomenon which has to be dealt with. More than anything, this will probably drive the war. Science  is not a figment of the imaginations of a few pseudo-intellectuals. Global warming has been a certainty since the growth in atmospheric greenhouse gases was first detected by Charles Keeling back in the 1950’s. The likes of Trump and his minions will be powerless against it unless he wins the war and truly begins to address the problem. Ironically,Trump’s success may be our best hope. Only a united planet stands any chance of a successful response to a global threat like this.

If Trump has been assassinated by then, or has died a natural death, all bets are off, for no one else seems arrogant enough to meet the challenges which lie ahead.

As for me, I fully expect to be dead before the temperature on this planet has rendered it uninhabitable. But that is the direction in which it is headed, and that is the future your grandchildren will have to confront. Sorry, but that’s just how it is. I wish it were different, but it is not.

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  1. Bobby Jacobs says:

    Trump seems to be dissolving the one thing that makes this country great, The Middle Class.

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