On Gun Control # 3

Well, no surprise out of congress on the gun control front.  At least not as of this writing (4/18/13).

Obama is showing an unusual bit of backbone here, and it seems we might still have a chance if we jump in to support him.  Go to http://americansforresponsiblesolutions.org/, or http://www.bradycampaign.org/, or http://momsdemandaction.org/ for options.

Now is the time to get tough.  To quote a true hero of 9/11, “Let’s roll.”

Of course, the most obvious route to victory is to throw the Republicans out of both House and Senate at the next election, but between now and then there will be tens of thousands killed by guns in the U.S.

Many, many of them will  be children just like those at Sandy Hook.   Except most of them will be minorities.  Shame on us all for not being as enraged daily as we were on December 14th.

Many, many of them will be suicides by young people not yet ready to cope with the stress of being an adult.  But loved ones nonetheless.

Many, many will be totally accidental.   If you own a gun, your child and spouse, as well as your neighbor’s child and even yourself, are potentially in the list of likely victims of such an accident.

Many, many will be caused by an anger that should never go beyond the heat of blows: a fight over a beer or an aggressive driving habit, or any such trivial concern that the pain of physical violence would put in its proper place-unless some asshole has a gun, whence the trivial blooms into the tragic.

Relatively few of the thousands upon thousands killed while we await the next election will be intentional stranger homicides.  And virtually all of those wouldn’t be possible without the gun, for none of us gives up so easily without a fight.  And the absence of a gun guarantees a fairer fight.

But that is what everyone seems to be afraid of.  But what they really fear is a federal government they can’t get out of.  The rest of it could be handled via proper regulation over enough time-the very thing the NRA doesn’t want.  They want to keep the huge profits rolling in as they continue to arm everyone, making society dangerous as hell.

Personally, in America, I’m more afraid that the guy setting across from me in the coffee shop might be armed with something that can easily kill me from a distance.  America is awash with guns and it will take years to change that, but for now America is a terrifying place to live.

Perhaps the most infuriating thing about this whole mess is how completely the minority has been able to stop action (55/100 supported the motion that “needed” 60/100 to allow consideration).

And this isn’t only on gun control.  On virtually every piece of legislation since Obama “took control” with a landslide victory in 2008 the minority in Congress has stopped action by the simple technique of refusing to play.

In the Senate they simply refuse to allow the issues to be discussed, pretending they won’t allow the discussion to ever stop if it were to come to the point of allowing a vote.  And the Democrats tolerate rules that never test the pretense.

What a perversion of the concept of filibuster!

Filibuster was intended to assure that important minority opinions were never swept under the rug in Senate debate, not that no Senator would ever get an opportunity to debate an issue at all.

If a Senator thinks an issue is important enough to stop all progress of all legislation until his point is heard, then he/she should have to stop all legislation until he’s been fully heard.  That’s what filibuster used to mean.  American’s have no problem with that.  But the ability of a minority to eviscerate our government is intolerable.

That Harry Reid and the other Democrats haven’t ended this abomination via simple rule changes discredits the entire political process.  They should be ashamed.  If their likely replacements wouldn’t be far worse, namely conservative Republicans who caused this outrage, I’d say kick them out.

Since the Republicans gained control in the House in 2010, their obstructionism is less obvious, but because the right wing can’t hope to get their radical ideas through the Democratic Senate or past a Democratic President, that’s exactly what their control of the House has been.

That’s not freedom.  That’s not a democracy.  That’s bullshit.

I’ve already suggested that, to prevail on gun control, the advocates should plan on replacing the second amendment with a new one that provides for a legal process of secession by states, but leaves gun control out of the mix.  With the Supreme Court consisting of the judges we have now, and the fear of the Feds that has always existed in this country, I see nothing short of such an amendment standing a chance of success.

Letting states secede would involve complicated issues of property rights and civil liberties of citizens thus disenfranchised, but the lives lost through the seizure of the second amendment by the gun moguls has gone far too far.

A provision stating that any “new Confederacy” would have to agree to let any former U.S. citizen migrate to the U.S. during the next twenty years or so might be a satisfactory way of dealing with the civil rights issue.  Readmissiin to the U.S. should be prohibited for upwards of 15 years so that states will not secede casually  But protecting the rights of U.S. citizens upon secession would definitely be one of the stickiest points.

If Texas or Alabama our anyone else, wants out, let them go.  I say good riddance.

Just don’t let them enslave any of the current citizens of the U.S. without guaranteeing free passage to anyone so affected.  Coming from a southern family myself, I’m thinking gay rights and/or abortion as well as actual slavery here.

But never assume you’ve fully grasped the scope of the evil people who think they are the ambassadors of god will do.  Best to guarantee free passage to anyone not wanting to be consumed by the rebellious states.

Disputes over what to do with federal lands are property law, and the long history of property law in our culture should make their resolution easy in comparison.

But I think, even more importantly, an amendment should be adopted that prevents the kind of tyranny of the minority we’ve had to endure under the right wing’s devoted efforts to stop all legislation they find the least bit objectionable.

Something like: “The Senate and House of Representatives shall not enact any rule which will have the effect of denying consideration of proposed legislation by their respective bodies with anything short of a majority, nor that will allow any piece of legislation to be considered while another is pending.  The 2/3 majority rule for cloture of debate will be allowed.”

When did our government become a government in which a majority cannot pass anything?  The idea that the constitution isn’t pliable enough to change such a perversion of democratic governance is pure bullshit.

What is needed is a people who are willing to do the hard work of protecting our right to control our government and someone with the guts to lead them.  Michael Moore, where are  you?

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2 Responses to On Gun Control # 3

  1. JoAnn Saccato says:

    John Oliver recently said, “One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all take off our shoes at the airport. Thirty-one shootings since Columbine and no change in the regulation of guns.”

    • George says:

      Joann: I delayed response hoping someone else would jump in with actual figures, but they apparently aren’t going to. So here”s just an observation: the figure 31 clearly refers to something quite out of the norm, for the daily death rate from guns has to be in excess of the single incident number of deaths from something like columbine or Sandy Hook. We need, I think, to focus more on the day to day slaughter that goes on all over America and continues to mount every day. Since Sandy Hook I believe the total has to be in the thousannds. Throw in suicides and accidents and I’m sure of it.

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