On Gun Violence

Well, the  news this week included, along with the usual slate of gun violence, a story out of Seattle about a shooter that was disarmed while changing clips by an unarmed potential victim, thereby thwarting many additional murders.

Too bad the shooter didn’t bother to buy some of the readily available clips that hold vast numbers of bullets. That way the NRA would be able to urge us all to buy similar clips on the chance we find ourselves in a shootout with just such a nut when we drop in for a latte at our own favorite coffee shop. Which only could happen, of course, if we were carrying, too. How good can this get? God I love the second amendment.  As does the NRA.

Perhaps it is time to call those who fight against reasonable restrictions on the interpretations of the second amendment what they are, murderers.

Anyone who defends our right to have clips in excess of 8 bullets, say, is a murderer. In particular, the NRA and it’s defenders are murderers.

Then, just to add murder to murder. a couple of nut-case anti-government activists shot a couple of cops at lunch.

Perhaps it is time to clear the air by repealing the second amendment altogether.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    One should remember that the NRA is really nothing more than a gun industry organization who’s primary objective is to increase gun sales. They do it by funding it and recruiting and paying sheeple to carry their message. One should not expect the gun industry/NRA to ever do anything that would negatively impact gun sales.

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