On Population (George Drake)

Since 9/11, the world’s population has increased by the equivalent of a United States of America. About half of all the new children in that number are born into poverty. That’s more than half of the total growth, because the increase is the excess in births over deaths.

No wonder we’re losing the “war on terror. We’re fighting on the wrong battlefield. Our largest institutions, such as the Catholic Church, are even fighting on the wrong side. Population growth is the greatest enemy of all, for most of that new nation we’ve seen spring up in the last 7 years is prime fodder for terrorism. No wonder there are always more terrorists everywhere we turn.

And don’t fool yourself, there’s no controlling this thing, even if you wind up with the Pope’s blessing on birth control. He only talks to 33 percent of the world’s current population anyway–if you count all Christians. And who listens to him in the presence of a willing partner? Not me, for God’s sake. Well, maybe long enough to put on a rubber. But that’s more AIDS talking than His Holiness. Has my ear better, too. Well, maybe “ear” is the wrong appendage in this case.

Oh, I’m not trying to say world population won’t be stopped and, eventually, even reversed. It’s literally impossible for me, mathematician that I am, to foresee any other outcome. The growth, as a purely academic phenomenon, is projected to go to infinity quite rapidly. Soon. The resources to support that growth, however, are finite and there is very little or no probability of their becoming much larger anytime within a number of centuries, even in only marginally credible best case scenarios. The clash between these conflicting futures will, inevitably, result in a collapse of the population.

We all know that. The usual stories of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, and all that stuff. What they don’t like to tell you is that the earliest efforts on these lines are already in play. Have been for a long time, really. We just haven’t recognized it.

Think about it. Long ago we decided that Earth was created for us. Humans, that is. That was really all about our realizing that the deer wanted to eat the same food we did. So, since it was all about us (according to our new-found philosophy at the time), we decided to build a fence around the fruit tree. F-word the deer. Eventually we realized the fence had to be taller to be effective. Now we net the tree itself to keep the birds away, too. Well, by now that’s hardly adequate to describe the extent we’ve gone to. You’d never get a hoard of humans (That’s the official group name for people, you know–like “pride” for lions and “herd” for cattle.) such as we have in NYC without much more sophisticated technology.

The result may look passive enough to the casual observer, but it’s nothing but a program of extinction by selective preference. You can’t be against extinction and pro human expansion at the same time. Well, of course you can. But not and be consistent. Whoops, sorry–off on another topic.

So, here we are, killing off every other species on the planet, unless we see them as our own, personal food source–or pets, maybe–for one and only one reason: the world was created for humans. Fair enough. F-word the deer. We’ve moved pass that, though. Now the only real competition we’ve got are those other guys all over the place. You know, the Tutsis, Armenians, Jews, the Fur tribes in Darfur, the Bosnian Muslims, the American Indian–like that. Like it or not, my friends, I’m afraid we’ve entered, and already progressed very far into, the era of genocide. Not because we’ve such ill intent–we just think our group is more important than theirs.
And, besides, what could it hurt to partake just a little of the fruit of our knowledge? We thought of building the fence. Why not take that next little step and net the tree? Then there’s planting crops, and trapping the predators, and inventing the wheel and paving a road and . . . Where does it stop? Well, obviously, when we’ve killed off, paved over, or brought to our service everything. When nothing is left but us. When we are truly and totally God. And more than just in our mind’s eye. That conception of reality we’ve had for many millennia already. Uhhh, how do we survive then, though?

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4 Responses to On Population (George Drake)

  1. Hank says:

    Human population growth is the root cause of all of our environmental problems.

    If human population growth is not halted, all other environmental progress will be overwhelmed by this growth

    Earth’s population is currently 6.6 billion.

    Earth’s population is currently growing by 77,000,000 per year or 211,000 per day.

    At the current rate of population growth, world population will double in only 60 years.

    It took all of human history until 1830 for world population to reach one billion. The second billion was achieved in 100 years, the third billion in 30 years, the fourth billion in 15 years, and the fifth billion in only 12 years.

    Virtually all of this growth is taking place in the poorest countries in the world.

    If everyone on the planet were to have no more than 2 children, population would stop growing.

    If humans don’t take control to reduce their birth rate, other mechanisms such as war, disease and famine will act to reduce human population.

  2. Kathy Azevedo says:

    Help! I’m drowning in a sea of people, and I can’t get out!
    Move over, Titanic, this is a REAL disaster! As far as I know, the people of India practice birth control. The people of China have been legally limited to having only one child for the longest time! Africa is decimated by AIDs and other serious health disasters. So, I’m asking, “Who is doing all the breeding?” Is it the USA? Can somebody please tell me?
    Love, Kathy Azevedo

  3. Hank says:

    In answer to your question, here’s a link to a comlete rundown of fertility rates etc. Unfortunately, it’s based on 2003 data, so It’s a bit dated, but I’m guessing that it’s not that far off.

  4. Kathy Azevedo says:

    Dear Hank,
    Thank you very much.
    I could not have imagined these facts.

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