On putting away the dishes.

Have you ever noticed that some people put things away when helping clean the kitchen when they have no idea where they go?

What do you suppose that is about?

I know  these people, and I just can’t believe they have ulterior motives.  There are many of them.  Some amongst my best friends.  They are really trying to help,  But I cuss them, nonetheless, when, a month after I have already replaced it, I finally find the can opener or the butter dish , or whatever, in the back of the utility drawer or on the second shelf of the cabinet to the left of the sink instead of the top drawer or first cabinet on the right or wherever it lives in my kitchen.

Sometimes I’ve devoted time I don’t have to searching everywhere I can think of for something I don’t use that often, but which I have to have to do the job.

These people mean no harm.  Perhaps they go into automatic and just don’t remember that they are in someone else’s kitchen.  Maybe they think when  it’s obvious where something should go to them then it will be equally obvious, and the same place, to you.  Maybe they want to set you a good example.  Maybe they have no standard place in their own kitchen and spend half their time when cooking looking for things.  Maybe that just doesn’t bother them, but it does m.

There’s potentially many very good explanations for what I regard as very bad behavior.  And I find it an annoying trait that it bugs me so much.  But, Jesus Christ, people!  Most of the stuff in a kitchen is put away in places that are essentially arbitrary.  The person who works in that kitchen wants only to know where everything is, so he/she can find it instantly without having to stumble over it when he/she doesn’t want it in the way.

There’s only one right place for it to be, and the guest has no way of guessing that place.  If it’s identical-absolutelyl identical-to something that’s on the shelf, okay.  We’ll grant that as an un-guess.  But otherwise, ask where it goes (and listen to the answer), or leave it out.  Please!

George Drake
P.O. Box 7987
South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96158

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5 Responses to On putting away the dishes.

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    I can figure out where the silverware goes!

  2. Fred Drake says:

    Now you know how Lynn and I felt after you came to Redding to stay with dad. Oh and by the way it isn’t ok to change someone else’s automatic sprinkler schedule either.

    • George says:


      Well, first off let me apologize profusely. I have no recollection of either offense, however. Which raises yet another question. Do you suppose most of those I have such amazement for as regards their poor behavior re. visitors etiquette are just like I apparently am, i.e.that they are not even aware of the transgression? That would, I think, go a long way toward explaining it.

  3. Fred Drake says:

    well you are forgiven and I will admit that I have reversed the toilet paper roll when I am a guest. FYI paper should be dispensed from the top of the roll.

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