On The Migration Crisis

The current migration crisis Europe is going through seems to me to be only a dry run for the one America will experience as sea level begins to rise. The major differences will be that the refugees in America will have guns and there will be no armies to enforce border controls-and no borders to control.

Which brings me to another thing. Why don’t we let-even incourage-Texas, and anyone who wants to join them, to secede? It’s not as if they would be able to retain or reestablished slavery. There are too many blacks living in the south who are used to more freedom than that.

As for those who would protect the States by quitting our belated interest in having some of the Syrian refugees come here, why weren’t they interested in welcoming them much earlier? Syrian President Assad has been the problem for a long time now.

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  1. Dallas Smith says:

    The US turned away a ship of Jewish-German refugees during World War II. The US incarcerated Japanese-Americans contrary to all constitutional guarantees of inalienable rights. So the current Republican governors rejection of Syrian refugees is just a continuation of this sordid side of American culture. American exceptionalism at its worst.

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