oregon blog 09-11-25

Hi Everyone:

This is my first entry since moving out of the West Way house.  I’m staying temporarily at Barb’s (my wife’s) house.  It’s a long story, and I, most of all, perhaps, am not qualified to tell it.  Suffice it to say that I won’t be here too long, for the primary impetus to move is my tendency to fall–an M.S. symptom–and the added complications that snow and ice contribute to the problem.  I have to get off the Hill during the winter.  If the prior trips are any indication, I’ll be much better about making entries in this blog while on the road.  I hope so, since I’ve gotten pretty lax lately.

Thanks to the many who came to the going away party almost three weeks ago.  I had a great time.  As expected then, I haven’t left the Hill yet; the plan is to wait until the snow drives me away and, although we’ve had two storms now,  and there’s snow on the ground, the streets melted clear after the first and I need every minute I can use to get all my stuff sorted.  In fact, this has to be a brief entry, because I have to deal with that, so I’ll just update you on how and where to reach me for the time being:  Main phone # 530.577.5818 (talk to the machine and wait a while for me to get to it, for I move slowly these days)  Cell # is 530.314.9548 (get no signal at Barbara’s, but hope to be able to use it much more as soon as I get going, currently expected to be before the next storm.  Mail address = P.O. box 7987, south lake Tahoe, CA 96158 (will be forwarded, so anticipate a long delay before response.



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