Repeal the Second Amendment #207

So guess what. I am, once again, unable to ignore gun violence in America. The police are under a public microscope because they react to everyone as if they might shoot them and the black community rects to the police ((probably justifiably) as if the police are very apt to shoot them or no reason. And all the while everyone seems to think it is fine and dandy that there is some sort of constitutional right for every American to own and carry a gun.

America must learn to deal with this. But Americans are not famous for their patience. And any solution, other than total dictatorship, requires patience. What we have to do is remove regulation and constitutional rights from the venue of common discussion by repealing the Second Amendment and then wait twenty or thirty years. The wait will be necessary to clear he field of guns. But it will be necessary. The only real option is the loss of our democracy, which even  those who will tolerate it do not want.

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