Running Against The Wind

Against The Wind

Heard Bruce Springsteen’s Against The Wind just now. It occurred to me that I no longer am running against the wind. That used to be such a characteristic of mine. But I Stopped writing to potential agents and publishers some time ago. Probably in excess of a year ago.

I have tried, mostly successfully, to keep up with my weekly blog.  But where, if anywhere, do I expect this to go? Fact is, very likely, no where. So why do I do even this?

I guess I hope that, someday, if I have left my thoughts somewhere for others to see, someone may find inspiration, truth, or something which they might find useful in keeping themselves going. What that might be, I have no idea.

Why am I the least bit optimistic? My Vision predicted no future for life on this planet. Where is the good message in that?

Maybe I’m just lucky. Being depressed about it all just seems like a total waste of my time. For sure, at the very least, being depressed always results in less joy than the opposite.

Besides, one has to ask, “So what if the worst comes?” Worrying about it before it has come to be is just a way to have the misery twice. Many more times, in fact.

Meanwhile, there’s a whole life you are missing.

So I’m an optimist. So shoot me.

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3 Responses to Running Against The Wind

  1. Lynne says:

    On the contrary, there are those of us who enjoy reading your blog now. You have the time now to actually think about things and it is interesting to read about your musings on the past, present and future. It is good that you keep a sense of humor whether you are wondering who cares about the blog, or wondering whether your fears about he future of the earth are true, or trying to analyze the daily life at an “assisted living” facility.

  2. Bobby Jacobs says:

    I agree with Lynne. I enjoy the blog and love your observations about assisted living. You are using your sense of humor in a way that helps a lot of us. We are misplaced Martians that came to Earth after we messed up Mars. Now we messed up Earth and want to go back to Mars. Talk about running against the wind.

  3. Hank Raymond says:

    Keep up the blog George. Love reading it!

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