(Repost) Shocked?


WTF?   How can anyone in the USA claim to be shocked by the shootings
in Connecticut?

Grief-stricken I understand and share.  But shocked?  This is part and
parcel of what living in America is.

The prominence of guns in our culture makes this inevitable.  The NRA
exists for one primary purpose: to protect the huge market that guns
represent here.  It’s all about the money.  Blood money.  That wasn’t always so, but it is today.

And, as was shown after the shooting of Gabby and I don’t know anymore how many others who were killed, in Tucson, the NRA has an equal objective of protecting the profits of manufacturers of high volume clips.

Oh, I could also understand a reaction of guilt, too.  Especially on
the part of anyone who works for–or just as bad–belongs to, the NRA.

Those who support the NRA’s  interpretation of the 2nd amendment and its use to facilitate murder should feel guilty, too.

Even those who don’t call the bullshit that the “gun control” opponents always vomit immediately after such a tragedy “BULLSHIT” should feel guilty.

But shocked?  That’s either totally self-dellusional bullshit itself or just totally stupid.

No matter how many controls we attempt to place on gun ownership or
access to insanely large clips, there will, in this country, be
crazies that get them and kill large numbers of people, young and old,
because they are crazy and they live in America.  That’s not shocking.
That’s to be expected.  To be expected regularly and frequently.

I heard someone contend that such a tragedy as just went down in Connecticut  could never happen in their town.

Of course it can.  No one in the USA should ever feel safe.  It’s an absolutely stupid place to be living.  No one is ever safe.  No one.  No where.  No age, it turns out.

And the far greater example of the phenomenon isn’t in school shootings.  It’s in drive-bys on our streets and accidents in our own homes.  It’s in grocery store holdups and mistaken shootings by cops that react too suddenly to an unexpected movement by an innocent suspect (often iniated by a driving violation, or perhaps just being out on the street at the wrong time or place).  It’s in jealous lovers and drunk spouses.  It’s in arguments and suicides.

It’s so common in our society that to blame it on the “perpetrators” is to ignore the greater problem by far–a culture that refuses to become civilized.  A culture that can’t get past the juvenile idea that the only defense against there being too many guns is to be sure you have one too.

It’s way past time to grow up.  There will always be “perpetrators,” be they crazy, criminal, angry, depressed, or just careless.  What we need is to make it harder for them to kill innocent bystanders.  We have to give up the fantasies of a youthful culture, where our sparseness in population insulated us from dangerous practices.  We’ve got to make it very hard for anyone to get guns, be they assault rifles or not.  Guns are inherently dangerous.

But we can’t expect lasting change overnight, even if we were to
make gun manufacture and sale to individuals in the whole of the USA
illegal today.  It will take a long time to undo what’s already in
place.  It will take great determination and hard work.  We all need to work on it.  All the time, just like we did when we ran smoking out on a rial.

The only way to stop this (and, just as with smoking, it will absolutely take many years before the situation gets much better) is for all of us who recognize how evil it is to start shouting down the defenders of guns.

We should start by calling everyone, including the beloved leaders, such
as Charlton Heston, who works for the NRA or defends it “child
killers,” for that is exactly what they are.

Politicians who accept their support, be it via money or endorsement, should be labeled as accepting “blood money.”  A pledge should be circulated to not accept blood money, exactly as Norquist has circulated the “pledge not to raise taxes.”
Gun control advocates should start claiming the title “pro-life.”

If someone thinks this is a matter of constitutionality, then, then they should just
stand up and say, “yes, I realize this kills children and other innocents, but that’s what I think.”

Then they should also support an amendment to repeal the second amendment to the constitution.  Otherwise they have earned the label “child killer,” and that label should be used by all those who know of its truth.

This is not something that should only raise its head after a slaughter like this.  It should be an active, ongoing part of the political debate.  It should only end whwn this madness is over.

All the rest is bullshit.

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  1. Hank Raymond says:

    Well, I disagree with your comment, “No one in the USA should ever feel safe. It’s an absolutely stupid place to be living.” I feel pretty safe. The most dangerous thing I probably do is to drive my car 15,000+ miles a year. But I’m willing to take that risk.

    Why all the fuss about assault weapons. I heard they only cause 2% of gun deaths. If people wanted to stop murders, they would outlaw handguns. The fuss about assault weapons is just a diversion tactic by the gun industry (I include the NRA as part of the gun industry) to divert attention from the real problem which is hand guns.

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