Smog versus Greenhouse gases by George Drake

Beautiful sunrise this morning.  Notable, however, was a high trace of aerosols, almost certainly smog blowing into the area from fan Francisco.  Global dimming is a phenomenon I watched a movie about from PBS just the other day.  The phenomenon nicely illustrates why population is the problem, not any particular disturbance caused by it..


Aerosols in the air have mitigated the influence of greenhouse gases.  Human activity pollutes in many ways.  Two of which are greenhouse gases and smog.  One works against the other.


We humans notice the ill effects of the aerosols more easily than we notice the effects of greenhouse gases.  Well, that’s not quite correct.  More rapidly – more naturally – through our own senses, than through our tools.  It would not be obvious that greenhouse gases are causing the phenomenon of warming climate.  In fact without the tools of science we wouldn’t even know the climate was warming.  Which is exactly why so many deny it to this day.


But smog.  We can , and do, see.  Our attempts to mitigate smog – to reduce it – have actually had more success than our attempts to reduce the greenhouse gases.  The irony is that the general public doesn’t even know that there’s a difference between the one and the other.  They think working on reducing smog is the same thing as working on reducing greenhouse gasses.


Tragically, the fact is virtually the opposite.  Aerosols are responsible for a very significant reduction on how much solar energy reaches the surface of the earth.  That cuts down the effect of global warming.  But cutting smog doesn’t necessarily mean carbon dioxide pollution is being stopped.


Carbon dioxide keeps the heat sent our way by the sun right here.  Clearing the smog only lets more of it get here.  To solve one problem we accelerate the other.


And that’s only talking about two problems the population brings with it. What else is going on?


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One Response to Smog versus Greenhouse gases by George Drake

  1. Hank Raymond says:

    The earth is infected with human carbon units. There appears to be no cure!

    If humans don’t take control to reduce their birth rate, other mechanisms such as war, disease and famine will act to reduce human population.

    If human population growth is not halted, all other environmental progress will be overwhelmed by this growth

    If everyone on the planet were to have no more than 2 children, population would eventually stop growing.

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