Some Questions for the Candidates (initiated by George Drake)

As the primary season wears down and the potential nominees become more evident, I’d like to open this blog up to a discussion of what issues need to be addressed by those who actually wind up facing one another. Obviously, the ideal answers and responses to the actual answers are the stuff of Blogging. So please contribute.

Just to start the ball rolling, I’ll begin with just one topic, but all readers are invited into the discussion. For consistency, I urge any submittal to approximately follow the same format so that the information lends itself to easy reading. Thanks.

Issue: Global warming and the environment as a whole.

1) Will the U.S. enter into international treaties furthering the reduction of greenhouse gases? What circumstances would warrant not entering into such a treaty?
2) Do you believe
a) that global warming is a real phenomenon?
And (if you think it real)
b) that it is a man-made phenomenon?

On Answers:
#1) I hope the two major candidates in the general election both recognize the importance of international treaties and will not support one that doesn’t wish to lead efforts, including real sacrifices on the part of Americans, to gain binding agreements.
#2) I’m no longer open to arguments denying either of these points.

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2 Responses to Some Questions for the Candidates (initiated by George Drake)

  1. Kathy Azevedo says:

    Well, here I am again, responding to one of your blogs. I have been reading with interest the Benjamin Fulford information and an article about the Red and Green Societies by Makow.
    It appears to be possible that there will be many changes in the near future. I am sure that there is a general media blackout going on regarding this material. I do not think that we will be hearing Hillary or Obama commenting on this information in the near future.
    But I think that it is very relevant to what will be happening in the near future, on our turf, no matter who comes into power.
    What do you think?
    Love, Kathy

  2. george says:

    Kathy: Can you give us a link to the Fulford stuff? Thanks.

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